Happy Birthday to IDunnoh
Hey You.
Happy Birthday!
You are one of the wittiest guys I know. and I'm married to a wise guy.
I hope your birthday is fun and filled with love.
I know that you deserve that and more.
with love.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Wendy!
I am so glad that fortune brought you into my life.  I am aware of my admiration for your courageous heart and humble spirit on this your birthday.  I watched you stick up for the developmentally disabled girl in junior high school, though I was completely afraid that the gang of boys would turn around and start ridiculing you. I watched you quite possibly save a woman's life in a restaurant by holding her head up and keeping her airway clear, with complete calm and nonchalance.  I have been the recipient of your patient support and understanding and have admired your integrity and truthfulness through a friendship that has spanned decades.  I love you.

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Hi to Wendy
Tried twice to send you my paper....failed both times.  Could you send a message to my email please...I'll reply with the paper when I get it.


Thought I posted that last entry last night....guess not.

This am I am up and checking my assignments, good thing cause I have 6 chapters to read and a 250 word treatment plan to finish by Monday.  I major goofed by not checking earlier, cause I wrote assignments on my calendar right away (and cause my printer was down and I usually put assignments for all classes on one document.)  Anyway, luckily I have the time to devote to this though it kinda blows up plans I had for more cleaning and organizing.  Maybe I'll do that between bouts of writing...my brain goes on overload anyway.

This class is more insane than most classes I have taken, I chalk it up to the instructor being German.  There is an online assignment every 2 weeks, progressively harder with expectations that we also read and  comment on the posts of our fellow students.   

First assignment:  a treatment plan on a domestic violence victim, including assessment, crisis intervention and initial, middle and termination phase of for short term individual psychotherapy.  This is considered 1.5 hours of work.  It's good that I can talk to my fellow students and find out how long this stuff takes them because if I thought I was the only one spending days on this stuff, I would seriously know that I was incompetent.

I love this stuff and I am tired of the pace.  Can't wait to be able to really get into one subject in the rich way I would like....not like the thesis where I am supposed to contribute some new work, but just to learn and absorb and keep following what interests me the most.

Ok-off to the salt mines!

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I eliminated all emails from my inbox today....so I guess I thought I had time to post a blog, only it's almost 10pm and I'm tired.


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